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Why am I Not Being Recruited?

The formula seems simple.
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Why am I Not Being Recruited?

The travel baseball segment continues to grow, and as players continue to get involved, the percentage of players and families who expect to be recruited instantly increases.

The formula seems simple:  catch on with your local travel team, join a few tournaments, play in front of a few colleges, and watch the offers roll in.  Or maybe the plan is to go to a few major tournaments, attend a big showcase and sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

But as time passes, players get anxious and families are dumbfounded about why the phone hasn’t rung.  Why is this happening?


Don’t Get Confused Or Lead On by College Camp Invites

I don’t know how many times I’ve asked a mom or dad who their son is being recruited by, and they rattle off a list of schools that he has gotten generic letters and camp invites from.   That is not a recruitment.  College coaches like to make money, too!  And many times, that means mail-blasting and e-mail-blasting every address and contact they have for players to promote their camps.  These camp invites are usually addressed to the player directly and look like it was made especially for him.


Stay Aggressive

There are certain players out there that are so talented, they can just roll out to any event and get a following of coaches and scouts.  But for the vast majority, players need to take their recruitment into their own hands.  That means calling and emailing the coach of each school he is interested in and letting them know about his interest in their program.  It means giving them the events that he will be attending, and making sure they are up to date on any videos, scouting reports and test scores that the player may have updated.  These phone calls and emails should be made by the player – and NOT mom or dad.


Understand the Numbers

Tournaments have hundreds, and sometimes thousands of players participating in them.  It is physically impossible for a coach to see all of the teams and players in attendance.  Players and families must understand that a coach may not even see their son play even though they are at the same event!  That is why it is critical to let these coaches know where you are going, what your schedule is and what field and time you play at. That doesn’t guarantee they will see you, but it puts you on their radar and increases your chances significantly.

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