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Why am I Not Being Recruited?

The travel baseball segment continues to grow, and as players continue to get involved, the percentage of players and families who expect to be recruited instantly increases. The formula seems simple:  catch on with your local travel team, join a few tournaments, play in front of a few colleges, and watch the offers roll in.  Or maybe the plan is to go to a few major tournaments, attend a big showcase and sit back and wait for the phone to ring. But as time passes, players get anxious and families are dumbfounded about why the phone hasn't rung.  Why is this happening?   Don't...

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Being recruited is like applying for a job

If you go to Harvard University, graduate with a degree magna cum laude - I'll bet that this graduate does not need to go on Monster.com and put job applications in. Instead, the jobs will be lining up to recruit THEM out of college.  These Harvard grads are your super-talented teammates that have all of the schools in the stands to see them play at every tournament you go to. For the rest of us, we may have great GPA's and SAT scores, but we still need to put our applications in with jobs and let them know that we exist.  We...

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A Former D1 Recruiting Coordinator Gives Inside Look

With the National Letter of Intent early signing period here, it seems like a good time to reflect on my past experience. My most vivid memory as a recruiting coordinator is about a player we didn’t get, and it wasn’t because we were out-recruited or we were not a program the player wanted to play for.  What stands out to me is a phone call I had to make to this particular player.  You see, I had to pull a scholarship offer from him because we had decided to go with a different player, one we had also been actively recruiting. ...

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