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Alfredo Silva’s Story


“As a parent of a high school baseball player whose dream has been to play college ball I tried to educate myself as much as possible on how college recruiting works.


I checked the NCAA and NAIA regarding recruiting process, scholarships and general requirements. I talked to other parents with kids playing college ball, I talked to parents like myself with similar situation and their experience thus far. I talked to ex college ball players. I talked to several high school coaches. I talked to travel/club team coaches. I talked and asked questions like crazy…here are some of the suggestions and comments I received.


*Go to as many showcases as possible.


So, I did take my son to showcases thru out the Southeast that promised colleges will be in attendance and spent thousands of dollars in travel and registration thru the years.


*Needs to be on select or elite travel team.


He was on multiple select or elite teams that competed nationally because the thought was scouts will only look at winning teams. Of course, thru the years this also cost thousands of dollars.


*High school coach will take care of everything.


Talked to HS coach who truly did try helping my son and was contacted by 2 colleges which the HS coach personally knew. (not all HS coaches really know college coaches)


*Player must be exposed as a sophomore or it’s too late.


*Hire a recruiting service.


I contacted several. One was $1500 for an evaluation and video with a monthly fee till kid signs. Another told me we are late to game because my son was a Junior in HS and would cost $3000. And my favorite was $500 for an evaluation $1500 to have him “college ready” and a fee based on percentage of scholarship he might receive. Then a friend said talk to David with Recruiting Edge he is a straight shooter.


I called him and he said to me “I cannot and will not promise you anything”. He said he had a network of thousand plus college coaches. We spoke cost and scheduled a video session asked about my son’s grades.


After my son, did video, David gave him his evaluation and explained to him in detail what to do once colleges started contacting him. My son was viewed by over 650 colleges and actively followed and contacted by 26 colleges including D1, D2 and NAIA schools. My son scheduled several school visits and has since verbally committed to a NAIA school and is on pace to fulfilling one of his dreams.


David, told me based on his evaluation my son will have options and he did. He told me he will get some athletic scholarship but not “full ride” because for baseball that is almost impossible and he did get some athletic monies. He told us based on my son’s good grades and SAT score the coaches will be able help with additional monies which they did.


My advice to any parents with sons wanting to play college ball is to talk to David and follow his recommendations it pays off.”


Alfredo Silva, Alfredo’s father



Jason Luis’s Story


“Working with David in the recruiting process exceeded the expectations set up by programs who charged incredibly unnecessary prices for an experience of much less quality. My family and I had focused on exposure throughout high school and even throughout middle school in order to put me in the best position to play at the next level with the aspirations of also having options. Nonetheless, we weren’t aware of the fact that all exposure is not productive exposure. At some points, I played for numerous teams at once. I was being looked at by many people but was not being viewed enough by coaches who could offer me a scholarship for college ball. I was aware of a few recruiting services but their prices were unnecessarily high.


I continued to play for numerous teams. After I graduated, I played in a well-known program in the Orlando area where I was offered a scholarship at the next level. The financial element of the tuition in general was still not convenient even with the baseball monies. I came across The Recruiting Edge through several of my friends who had worked with coach Alonso and was focused on contacting David for a video.


We got the video done and that experience in itself showed me that working with coach Alonso was unlike working with other instructors. He genuinely cared about how the video came out. He did all in his power to have it shot under decent weather and had an experienced coach to help with the drills.


I later contacted him for the recruiting service because, although I had the video, David had the references and the ability to provide exposure on a high level. Within two weeks, there were numerous colleges contacting me. My video had been looked at many times and I was receiving offers from numerous colleges. I would get personal emails from coaches after literally no more than two weeks under The Recruiting Edge. What other coaches, programs, and experiences didn’t elicit in years had been generated within a fraction of the time under coach Alonso’s services and guidance.


Working to achieve your goals with someone who genuinely cares is not something that comes around often. Any player who seriously wants to play at the next level should look into contacting Coach Alonso. A fraction of the competition’s price, The Recruiting Edge still expends far more time in each individual’s experience than anywhere else could come close to, while undoubtedly caring legitimately about every student-athlete’s success.


— Jason Luis



Ralph Escandar’s Story


“I’ve known David Alonso for many years, so when it came down to choosing a company to video my son, I did not hesitate in contacting.  I have had the pleasure of knowing David both on and off the field.  He is extremely dedicated to the sport and very knowledgeable.  Without a doubt, our video experience was a memorable one and has brought us nothing but great success.  His professionalism is on key, and his expertise was proven when within 11 days, my son was being actively recruited by 10 universities.  It has now been 45 days and he is now being followed/recruited by 22 universities.  It goes without stating that if I had to do it all over again, it would be with David and Recruiting Edge without fail.  I would furthermore, highly recommend him and his company, over and over again.


— Marcy Escandar, Ralph’s mother



Alex Nodarse’s Story


“With recruiting edge, you are not only going to get a quality video with veteran advice and guidance, but you build a relationship with the type of ball players you want to be around. Recruiting edge is not only for ball players trying to find a school but is for anyone trying to get a professional video done. They helped me along with my recruiting process not just finding me multiple schools but taught me how to handle coaches properly and carry myself like a collegiate athlete. They always have your best interests in mind, being a straight up as it gets and do anything possible to find not just any school but one that suits you well. When you work with recruiting edge you enter a family of guys that want to get better which makes you better. These guys were not only there for me when finding a school but have been there since I worked with them, always keeping up with me to make sure that I am still satisfied with the work they did for me. I would highly recommend them to any athlete trying to make a video for colleges and looking for a professional staff to work with them through the recruiting process.”


— Alex Nodarse



Ernie Padron


“There are many recruiting services throughout the country but there are few that are owned & operated by people that have played, coached and instructed the game of baseball. Recruiting Edge has over 30 years in the business of baseball. Any company that is result driven and delivers results constantly must be doing it right. Get the edge and get the result you deserve.”


— Ernie Padron, EvoShield Florida Program Director



Phillip Wisser


“Anyone who needs help with finding a college, this is a great service. David Alonso does a great job and really cares about the kids and not only finding a school to play at but the right school for you to play at. He is a great friend and I strongly recommend you reaching out to him if you want to continue your career at the next level.”


— Phillip Wisser, Coral Gables Head Baseball Coach



Christian Cuba’s Story


“I met Coach Alonso back when our boys played academy ball at the age of 5. Since then, I’ve known him to be a well rounded coach with great knowledge of the sport. When my son was in high school, we made an enormous decision by switching him from high schools in his senior year. Having done so, I contacted my old friend and asked if he would video my son and help recruit him. This was the best decision I ever made! Coach Alonso effectively got the job done, not only by getting his name out there, but most importantly landing him a scholarship with a JUCO in our city. After a year at this establishment, Coach Alonso continued his job, and dedication to us, and helped in getting him recruited by a division II school in Tennessee where my son is successfully, and happily, attending his sophomore year. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Coach Alonso and Recruiting Edge and would recommend him, his company, and their services without a doubt! They really get the job done, and done well.”


— Herbie Cuba, Christians’s father



Gio Soto’s Story


“With my son’s Junior year nearing its end, I can tell he was frustrated! All his friends have either committed or are being courted by a college recruiter, so I could understand his frustration. It was weighing in on me as well and I felt terrible because of my inability to send him to one pricey showcase after another! We even attempted to shoot our own “video workout!” to send out but thankfully, I thought better of it and trashed that idea. Then a friend told me about Recruiting Edge and without hesitation, I called. After speaking for several minutes and learning more about what having the “Edge” is all about, I couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling! They quickly scheduled us a time with the location and we were set! Upon arrival, they walked us through the workout and then it was on. After the workout, the staff sat with us and spoke more about what to expect and what not to expect! To be realistic and open minded…


Two days after the video was sent out to college baseball recruiters, my son got 11 hits! It was that fast and that easy… thanks to the high quality video and knowledgeable staff of Recruiting Edge, my son is playing division 1 baseball. Now if you want to pay for over price showcases, then have at it! But if you want results for your money, then come get “The Edge!” We are extremely happy with our results!”


— Alberto Soto, Gio’s father